What is the size range of your diapers?

Our Awesome Blossom diapers fit approximately 9-35+ lbs. 

Are inserts included in your diapers?

Yes, every diaper comes with one insert. We do, however, suggest buying a couple additional inserts to boost absorbency at night and for heavy wetters.

What are your diapers made of?

The exterior of our diapers is made of a 100% polyester knit with a thin, flexible water-proof polyurethane laminate on the inside (PUL). This hidden waterproof film keeps moisture from leaking out, yet still allows air flow to your baby’s skin, and allows the fabric to feel nice and soft on the outside. Inside, our diapers are lined with soft fleece, which is gentle against your baby’s skin and feels dry since moisture is pulled through into the pocket by the microfiber inserts. Each diaper comes with a super-absorbant insert that is made from 3 layers of microfiber terry-cloth.

How many inserts do I need?

The number of inserts you need depends on the age of your baby and the time you want to go between diaper changes. For babies less than a year or so, one insert during the day should be fine for diaper changes every couple hours. We recommend adding an additional insert at night (or if you are lax about night-time diaper changes, try a total of three). For toddlers, we recommend two inserts during the day and three at night. 

How to I wash your diapers?

We recommend you wash the diapers 2-3 times before initial use to activate the full absorbency of our diapers. After you change your baby, pull the inserts out of the pocket and toss everything into your cloth diaper pail. When it fills up, instead of going to the trash can, take your pail to your washing machine. Dump the soiled inserts and liners in there (poop “residue” and all), and run a cold rinse cycle. This will remove most of the poop, and can be repeated if diapers have a lot of solid soil (we do recommend shaking solids into the toilet if they are of the “proper consistency” and can be knocked loose). After the cold rinse, add detergent (about 1/2 the usual amount of a detergent without fabric softeners, bleach or brighteners). Wash warm, follow with an extra rinse. Dry medium, never on high.

Where are your diapers made?

Awesome Blossom diapers is a WAHM-operated busines located in the U.S. and the Awesome diapers are fairly made in China. The handmade fitted diapers and trainers are made by The Eli Monster company which is a WAHM owned company based in the USA.

How fast do you ship?

Most orders are processed within 3-4 business days and is shipped via USPS Priority or First Class mail. We track all of our packages, and unfortunately are not able to re-send items that have been confirmed as delivered by USPS, or if we have been given an incorrect shipping address by the customer during checkout. We currently only ship to U.S.A and Canada. If you would like to purchase our products and you are located in a different country please contact us and we will make the proper arrangements.  We have a $5.95 FLAT RATE shipping fee for all order sizes!

Return policy?

We accept un-used returns within 15 days of the purchase date, and will issue a refund (less the actual cost of shipping) when we receive the merchandise and verify that it is unused and in new, original condition. If you would like to return your diapers please contact us first. Diapers sent back without a prior email will not be issued a refund. We stand behind our products 100%! If there is something wrong with your diaper email us and we will make sure you will receive a replacement asap! (within 60 days of purchase).

How to use our diapers?

Pictures are worth a thousand words… :)


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